Jason Arkins, Tenor Saxophone

Amy Azzara, Voice

Philip Capuzzi, Cello

Daniel Fiamengo, Voice

Janelle Finton, Trumpet

Sam Keedy, Trombone

Henry Mohr, Drums

Mike Ramos, Bass

Connor Rohrer, Piano

Shane McCandless, Alto Saxophone, Flute

Andrew Tinch, Guitar

Safia Zaman, Voice 

Collaborator Biographies

Deeya Roundtree, b. 2003, Dancer  

Deeya Roundtree is a Miami native. She is a freshman majoring in health science on the pre-physical therapy track with minors in dance and sports medicine. She has been dancing for over ten years and is trained in various styles of dance. She currently teaches classes at three local dance studios. Deeya hopes to further her education in dance and dance professionally in the future. She also wants to integrate aspects of physical therapy into dance to create injury preventative exercises tailored to dancers.   

Amberly Xie, b.2000, Visual Artist  

Amberly is a current senior at Indiana University studying physics and chemistry. In her free time, she enjoys swimming with her friends on the swim club, going on long hikes, drawing and painting, and (more recently) baking as well. She loves sharing her baked goods with friends and eats way too many sweets. Next year, she plans on attending graduate school to study quantum optics.   

Justin Park S.E., b.1999, Film Director, Editor and Photographer 

Justin Park is a film director, editor, and video artist located in New York. 

Born in Korea, Justin also lived in China for 10 years before moving to the United States in 2014. The exposure to a variety of cultures not only encouraged Justin to embed different ideas, perspectives, and artistic styles into his films, but also allowed him to create films that impact a wide range of people.  

Justin currently attends NYU Gallatin's School of Individualised Study, concentrating on "Reality vs. Fantasy". His study mainly lies in the field of psychoanalysis and visual studies. He is interested in exploring the function and the role of cinema in the audience and the artist. He hopes to use this knowledge to create narrative and documentary films that stimulate the viewer to form a deeper emotional and psychic connection.




Translation made with the help of Giovani Bellicanta and Maggie Kinney 

Doralice eu bem que te disse 

Amar é tolice, é bobagem, ilusão 

Eu prefiro viver tão sozinho 

Ao som do lamento do meu violão 

Doralice eu bem que te disse 

Olha essa embrulhada em que vou me meter 

Agora amor, Doralice meu bem 

Como é que nós vamos fazer? (2x)  


Um belo dia você me surgiu 

Eu quis fugir mas você insistiu 

Alguma coisa bem que andava me avisando 

Até parece que eu estava adivinhando 

Eu bem que não queria me casar contigo 

Bem que não queria enfrentar esse perigo, Doralice 

Agora você tem que me dizer 

Como é que nós vamos fazer? 



Translation made with the help of Giovani Bellicanta and Maggie Kinney 

Doralice, I told you so 

to love is foolishness, is nonsense, an illusion 

I’d rather live so alone 

to the sound of my guitar lament 

Doralice, I told you so. 

Look at this mess I’ve gotten into.  

Now love, Doralice my dear.  

What shall we do? (2x)


One beautiful day you came to me 

I wanted to run away but you insisted. 

Something was concerning me 

it even seems I could foresee, 

I really didn't want to marry you. 

I didn’t want to face that danger, Doralice.                               

Now you have to tell me 

What shall we do? 

In the Warmth 

Music and Lyrics by Emma Hedrick  

Wishing for you, I waited patiently watching all of the days pass.  

Dreaming of you, my mind will wander. I always make a way back to find you.  

I know I like to be around you.  

(Most days this is the truth)  

The storms drift by. 

Now, I'm with you and I am warm inside taking in the world eyes wide open. 

I know I like to be around you.  

(Most days this is the truth)  

The storms drift by with you---- 

With you, I feel my cares melt away. 

Lately, I feel so warm everyday. (x3)

I Can’t Believe that You’re in Love with Me 

 The Complete Savoy Master Takes 1945-1949, Erroll Garner, Piano, Vocalese by Emma Hedrick  

After quite a few, well, many failed experiments I found myself left all alone, right on back to square one.  

I couldn't find anyone here.  I couldn't think of anyone there.  

No more fish were in my sea, I thought.  

Then, it all switched up on me.  

My mind was constantly just wandering and then it would land upon 

thinking of you while at school, while at home, while I'm out, through the night, through the day (that’s a lot).  

This prospect was concerning given that I’d already turned you away.   

And talk about awful timing. Oh I’d say, the world shutting down and everyone’s home and then adding to all this it doesn’t help at all that me and PA are just real far away but, any class you were in doesn’t matter when the whole time I could have been seen eyes fixed at your side of the screen. 

Well, I guess I’m lucky and I know it’s true that out of all this craziness I would be able to find somebody just like you who volunteers to deal with me.

As the song says,  I can't believe, “I can’t believe that you’re in love with me.”  

Someone pinch me, is this true? 

Art and Film

Video by Justin Park S.E. to Accompany "I Will Wait for You"